Locally owned Una Vida tequila makes its mark in St. Louis

Chances are you’ve made what Zach Conley calls “the tequila face.” You know: when you do a tequila shot and it burns, and your face scrunches up in the ugliest of ways. Those who associate tequila with “the face” and with lime and salt might be surprised to attend a tasting with Conley, who co-founded One Life Spirits with Bryce Lob....

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Wichitan who’s ‘always had a good relationship with tequila’ builds startup around it

In May, Lob and two partners launched a tequila called Una Vida after several months of what he acknowledges was not unpleasant research in the Mexican state of Jalisco. It hit the shelves in local liquor stores, restaurants and bars two weeks ago. “We quit our jobs to start a tequila company,” Lob said.....

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