Our Story

Our story contains a very unique mixture of tradition, heritage, new age philosophies and culture. Una Vida Tequila has a smooth, tantalizing flavor across the three profiles that and is disrupting the tequila game.

Una Vida translates to One Life, which is our core belief One Life, One Tequila. Una Vida is a tequila that can be enjoyed by spirit drinkers from all walks of life. It is a tequila that can be taken as a shot in any bar or added to any cocktail at white tablecloth establishments. Educating On and Off Premise employees and our Consumers on the unique qualities of our Tequila is crucial to our Brand. We are not the rutgot tequila that you drank in college.

You only live one life, and should only drink one tequila. That is how Una Vida was created, through a simple vision, hard work, failure, more failure, the refusal to quit and putting the brand first. Understanding you only have one chance, one life, we wanted to create that one tequila… Una Vida

From the top down in everything we do we put the One Life, One Tequila stamp on it. It is more than just a tequila, Una Vida is a lifestyle.