• May 3rd - Kickoff Passport Program at Old Chicago Old town
    May 4th - Boathouse Xclusive Tacos & Tequila 12-9pm
  • May 4th - The Dive Takeover 12-2am
  • May 5th - Cinco Takeover at Cabron y Vagos 2-7pm
  • May 5th - Cinco All Day event at Sandbox Derby 
  • May 8th - Creekstone Event at Brickyard 5pm
  • May 9th - Creekstone Event at Odd Fellow 5pm
  • May 10th - We Ride Grand Opening 10am
  • May 10th - Hey Buddy Comedy Club 8pm
  • May 14th - FioRito One Life Spirits Dinner 5pm
  • May 16th - Candle Club Dinner 6pm
  • May 16th - Los Coco’s Ladies Night - 8pm
  • May 17th - Amber Waves 6pm
  • May 18th - EggCetra Event 9pm
  • May 29th - Dempseys Industry Night 10pm
  • May 30th - Itzcali Cigars & Tequila - 6pm


    • May 3rd - Auburn East 4-6pm
      May 4th - Auburn West 12-2pm
    • May 4th - JTs 2-4pm
    • May 10th - Jacobs East 3-5pm
    • May 11th - Liquor Cabinet 2-4pm
    • May 24th - ABC West 21st 3-5pm

    Please note there will be other events and tastings we will be a part of that will be added throughout the month. Please follow along on our social media pages to get the most up to date information of where we will be!